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Unique, this great wine is a time travel in the heart of the first champagnes.

Seductive sweetness, 

standards transcended,

you will never forget it. 

Konrat Velours is a time travel, in the heart of the Enlightenment, at the creation of champagne.

We fulfilled a wish for You : recreate a great wine of botrytized sweet champagne with very gentle and lasting bubbles.


We did it thanks to an elaboration over several years, and a vinification reproducing the traditional methods.

With its strong identity, Konrat Velours (Velvet) offers a perfect balance between sweet dosage and freshness. The oak cask vinification, smartly controlled, gives an incomparable aromatic complexity dedicated to the great laying down wines.

Velours had been unbottled for eternity.

Vinification & Blend

  • Dosage : Sweet

  • Grapes from the village of Montigny-sous-Châtillon

  • Old vines selected

  • The best sand-lime terroirs for the minerality

  • Winemaking according to the lunar calendar


  • The best clay-limestone terroirs for rich primary aromas

  • Ageing on lees during nine months, in oak barrels (70%), terracotta amphoras, Dame Jeanne and tuns

  • Ageing in bottles during 4-5 years

  • Malolactic fermentation

  • After pressing, the wine improves alone, without operation till the blend

  • Blend in descending order : Chardonnay (60%), Meunier, Pinot noir.​​

Konrat Velours, a unique sweet champagne

Tasting notes

Bright robe with silvery reflections


White pepper

White tobacco



Spring honey

Range and sweet taste

Ananas and candied bananas

Hot brioche

Fresh final on citrus fruits

To drink now for its stunning balance

To let age eternal to reveal its sweetness and its tertiary aromas

Perfect Wine & Food

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A long keeping-champagne to collect.

Each year, a new edition is created : unique and signed with the Konrat style.

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