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Redécouvrir les traditions

Rediscover traditions


The Konrat family is the marriage of two identities of character and know-how: centuries-old winegrowers in the heart of Champagne on the one hand, winegrowers-coopers in the region of Anjou on the other.



It is on the heights of the village of Montigny-sous-Châtillon that the ancestors of the Konrat family developed the culture of the vine. They plowed their land with their horse. Visionaries, they were the first in the hamlet to build a press, then a wine cellar with barrels according to the principle of natural gravity. This mastery of production from the vine to the bottle had as its sole credo the creation of a champagne of excellence.


It is this family culture that still governs today Marc, winemaker of the fourth generation.


Carrying this tradition of excellence in an eco-responsible and local approach, Faustine and Marc perpetuate the gestures and secrets of family winemaking by enhancing them with contemporary audacity, to offer you an authentic and charismatic gastronomic champagne.

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An exceptional terroir

With more than 7 hectares of sand-lime and clay-limestone soils, Konrat Family domain offers the best terroirs to produce an exceptional champagne.

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