An exceptional terroir

With more than 7 hectares of sand-lime and clay-limestone soils, Konrat Family domain offers the best terroirs to produce an elegant champagne with a strong identity.

The orientation is total. The South and West sunshine gives heat to the sand-lime plots. The North and East sunshine enhances the freshness of the clay-limestone terroirs.


We only vinify our best plots. On the plots named "Le clos des menues raies", "La pierre Saint-Philippe" or "Le grain de sel", grapefruits offer the perfect balance between aromatic power and elegant minerality.

The identity of our wines is created by this terroir where the sand, giving elegance, charm and delicacy, is everywhere.

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Rediscover the traditions


The Konrat family is the marriage of two identities of character and know-how: centuries-old winegrowers in the heart of Champagne on the one hand, winegrowers-coopers in the region of Anjou on the other.