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Every grape is important

To produce the perfect grape, Champagne Konrat supports a natural viticulture, selects the best terroirs and picks the grapes at the right time.

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Every wine is unique

Our philosophy is based on one principle : the wine is a natural and lively product. For instance, every wine has its identitiy, character which need specific care and kindness. So what could be more obvious than listening the wine and help it to evolve naturally with a low interventionism.


To create a gourmet champagne, authentic and distinguished, we age wine in oak barrels and terracota amphoras. We also give to the wines all the time they need to improve themselves in the winemaking cellar and then in the cellar. 


Our small production ensures a hand-crafted quality at the top.

Operating temperature


Thai cuisine 

Chinese cuisine

Desserts, entremets and sweets

Dark chocolates 

Foie gras

Parsley cheese (Fourme d'Ambert, Bleu d'Auvergne)

Fruit desserts

Creme brulee



Luxury of time

Every wine has its personnality and its physiology. That's why the time they need to leave our cellar and to be tasted is different.

We give 24, 36, 48 months even more to the most delicate cuvées as Velours or Millésime, so that they offer you a seldom emotion.

Champagne élevage sur lies

Our engagements

Nature-friendly grapes


We produce in a way to preserve biodiversity and to respect Nature. 

We are converting in organic farming and will be labeled in 2026.

100% French and local product


We work with the best makers, and we seek the best with each of our partners to create tailor-made wines and bottles :​​

  • Bottles vinified and matured in our cellars, hand-packaged

  • Bottles made in Marne

  • FSC-certified paper, 100% recyclable packaging

  • Oak barrels from champagne forests made by our cooper

  • Top-of-the-range French cork smelled one by one to avoid cork taste

  • 100% french packaging (labels, seals, caps, gift boxes)

  • Oak and pine gift boxes made to measure in Marne and Ardennes

  • Labels designed by Pernille Picherit

  • Photos by Jean-Charles Recht

Champagne Konrat has developed various markings in order to avoid any counterfeiting, guaranteeing you a sure tracability.

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